Raphael Arnold
´╗┐Raphael Arnold is founder and Group CEO of performance marketing and affiliate software solutions specialists NetRefer. After starting out in marketing and consulting more generally, he moved into the gaming industry in 1997. Two years later he started an interactive brand management company Arnold Media and went on to gain further experience in i-gaming operations, working as a marketing/branding consultant, launching and managing a number of online casinos and online gaming brands. He later went onto setting up a number of gaming companies from the ground up as a specialist i-gaming consultant as well as developing the first version of NetRefer in 2001. In 2005 he formally set up Arnold Media in Malta to redevelop the NetRefer solution specifically for Sport betting companies. He has overseen the growth and strategic direction of the company and continues to be actively involved in product development and innovation with a clear goal in providing Client satisfaction and success.